Bewildered in the Wilderness

 The Map
The Forest of Kisses
The Entrance
The signpost: "UNscientific research area"
The Thread Trail
House of Wild Wood Woman and the two forest attendants
Entrance sticker: "Totally dazed in the plantation"
A forest feast in the alder wood and a chat about our different perceptions of nature

Early spring Wild Wood Woman went east to Rø Plantation, Bornholm, Denmark to host and guide a special trip in collaboration with Danish Nature Agency and NaturBornholm.
Reversing the letters in "Rø", they become "øR", which means bewildered, dazed and confused. The audience was welcomed in the woody VIP lounge by a doormat and two forest attendants handing out entrance stickers.
After a short stroll through The Forest of Kisses the trip continued outside the forest trails following a pink thread for approximately 1½ km. Inspired by Troy labyrinths and the name of Rø the trip went round and round, in and out, up and down, crossing and re-crossing in an attempt to find anOTHER way of perceiving the forest.
Finally House of Wild Wood Woman hosted an end-of-trip celebration in a delightful little alderwood situated in a glade inside a pine forest.
What a plantation! Surely forests ARE made of DREAMS!

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