Baby It's Cold Outside

 Baby, it's co*LD* outside!

 Far too* cold to put up a tent.

   Stiff, blue fingers are not suitable for tying knots.

 recipes for making yourself a(t) home -

 it's time for mbaking


Happy X***

Recipe for making Yourself a(t) Home

Do you fancy a recipe for making yourself a(t) home!
Well, I don't have the exact recipe for YOU, but I am happy to disclose, how I did.
Last summer when I was reading Anne la Bastille,  I stumbled upon this statement about her tent: .....All my equipment has been tested, retested, simplified, and refined with every camping and backpacking trip....
I knew exactly, what she meant, having participated in numerous outdoor trips myself, but this time my mind turned round and came up with the idea: Why not make a tent that is the opposite of this: impractical, untested, in process and with a high ceiling? More feminie, more spiritual, more me!
I might have been influenced by the 15th century tapestry, from which I have painted a never finished transposition for my dining room.
Nevertheless, this is how I did: First I walked around in circles trying to sense the dimensions of my personal space; then I put in the dimensions in the equations for making an octagonal tent.
From then on everything has been a journey.
I am the happy owner of a homemade home, a House of WildWood-Woman and my own travelling museum and gallery in ONE.

A Girl with a Gun and a Dream

I am a girl with a gun, but contrary to these ladies, I am not much of a good shot.
I load my (plastic) rifle with rowan berries and dreams -
and who knows -
some day I might harvest my own bullets in a FOREST of fulfilled dreams