Going home

I have embarked on a new project this summer. I am making my own Hermitage, House of WildWoodWoman, Recluse Refuge, Museum of Natural Histories or Thoreau Tabernacle. You name it!
I am inspired by Anne la Bastille and Henry Thoreau but contrary to their cabins, mine is mobile. I want to be free to explore Wilderness - the inner as well as the outer. Wish me luck!......
Coming soon to a forest near you.
But first I am heading westward to become a pioneer settler

What's hiding behind the Bush?

What's hiding behind the Bush? Have you had it checked recently?
I checked it out at Brandts at the exhibition Wild Things.
Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger made these hilarious bushes to wear and to roll.
Now I know what to hide behind when I am 87 :-)

Name That Thing!

"The practice of putting people into boxes and labeling things keeps us from knowing one another and the world as such. In fact that habit separates sister from brother. And totally dissolves the connection allowing us to know we are ONE."
I stumbled upon this statement from "the world wide self development department".
It might be true in some aspects, but when it comes to survival in the world wide wilderness - especially when foraging for wild mushrooms it is crucial to be able to label things:
 friend or foe.