Face Forest

On my journey through the forests with House of WildWoodWoman, I have just made yet another stop and a site-specific art project - this time in Charlottenlund Skov (Charlottenlund Forest) near Copenhagen. Here I temporarily transformed the forest into a Face Forest by drawing faces on tree stumps with charcoal.
The exhibition and the ephemeral nature of the works was partly inspired by the Russian/Korean author Anatolij Kim, who writes poetically in "Otec-Les", ("Father-Forest"): "When a human being dies, it becomes a tree", and "when a tree dies, it becomes a human being".
Although I don't think this has to be taken literally, I think Man and Trees are constituent parts of an eternal cycle and connected physically as well as psychologically.
Which might be why we tend to project ourselves onto trees :-)
Where will the journey go from here?
I think Komtessens Plantage (The Countess's Plantation) on the island of Funen.

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