Some of U out there may be familiar with the Scandinavian tradition of making woven X-mas hearts.
This week, however, I came across an extended version of this tradition. Fuglepigerne (the Girlie Birders) invited "fools & fowls" for "tea & teaching" and 25 creatures turned up ready and steady to embark on a craft demanding tweezers, scissors, glossy paper, dexterity and fingerspitzgefühl.
Inspired by the book Jule-Fugle-Flet we were taught how to weave birds like the golden oriole, black woodpecker, cormorant, long-tailed titmouse, nuthatch and blue tit.
I was sweating like a pig(eon), desperately trying to (pretend I was in) control of my 10 claws, but in the end I actually managed to complete a piece of work: the Golden Oriole!

Merry X-mas to all of U out there!