Report from a Prune

Here I am being interviewed by Bibliotekarforbundet (The Danish Union of Librarians)

Thanks to everybody who turned up at Overgaden this weekend and thanks for nice company to fellow exhibitors and bookworms:
- don't be surprised if you find jam jars of Prune Poetry amongst the books next time you visit your local library!

Prune Press publishes "Prunes & Prisms"

"Antiwrinkle Cream - No Thanks"

"Sveskepålæggelse" - "Prune Healing"

Plum trees take time to grow - so do plums.

Prunes take time to mature (from dried plums) - so does Prune Poetry.

7 years ago I participated in a group exhibition at Camden Arts Centre in London - the title was "Working with Thek" which referred to a simultaneous exhibition by the American artist Paul Thek.

My work sprang from falling in love with one single work of his - a painting on newspaper called "3 Prunes on a Plate":

Since then I have secretly let a collection of Prune Poetry mature in my kitchen cupboard - and NOW - dadadada - finally it's ripe and ready to (r)eat.

So if you happen to find yourself at Overgaden neden Vandet in Copenhagen this weekend, you shouldn't miss out on Prune Press' latest release: 'Prunes & Prisms' - a very creased and wrinkled piece of .... (come and taste for yourself).

Here are some extracts:

From the back:

All Fools Day 2007

Hello everybody out there – welcome to my blog which is born on All Fools Day.
The origin of this special day has been much disputed and many theories suggested, but what is left is the custom of playing a practical joke on someone who then becomes known as an April Fool.
If you happen to be so unfortunate that nobody makes a fool of you – may I suggest:
Do it yourself! This is the day to celebrate foolishness – to make a fool of yourself, speak Double Dutch, confess to topsyturvydom, to put your clothes on backwards, to serve pancakes in a soup bowl and say the opposite as you normally do.
And why not go a step further and ACT as the lies has become truths and that magic and fiction has become REAL.
Why not believe in Spaghetti Trees, like huge numbers of Britons did in 1957 when BBC reported on the bumper spaghetti harvest in Switzerland due to a mild winter and the virtual elimination of the dreaded spaghetti weevil?Have a fabulous harvest today and everyday!