Sense the Sighs!

Not tired
not dead
not drunk
but trying to
the wind
that once
through the tree tops

The Abject (Christmas Tree)

Every year around this time I have the opportunity to study numerous variations on the topic of The Abject.
The concept of the abject is developed by the Bulgarian/French feminist and philospher Julia Kristeva whom I find fascinating but cumbersome to dance around the Christmas Tree with.
However, I think I grasped this much:
The abject is placed outside of the available categories of definition and exists as
an intermediate state
 between the concept of an object and the concept of the subject,
something alive yet not.

The object is situated outside the symbolic order from where it threatens the order and augurs the end of meaning
and at the end of (the) day(s):
Face it or photograph it!

1. 1. 11.

On the first day of the year, the sky is gloriously fresh and spring mists hang in the air. It’s quite special and delightful the way people everywhere have taken particular care over their clothing and makeup, and go about exchanging New Year felicitations.
Somehow I feel these words are mine (as much great art do), yet they are more than 1000 years old, belong to Sei Shoonagon and are originally written in Japanese.
I am reading The Pillow Book and find great inspiration - the apparent random mix of nature descriptions, diary entries, character sketches, lists of awkward things and anecdotes come forward as being very post-post-modern indeed!
My N.Y. resolution 1. 1. 2011 is to make 'a mossy' version of a pillow book - inspired by journeys off the beaten path.
Happy Now!