Tip for Lonely Ladies in the Forest

Madam, if you are walking alone in the forest and come across this strange looking gentleman, please don't panic! 
It's just me in my lonely-woman-in-the-forest safety gear.


I have just returned from a ManyMini Residency at Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen where I tryed to squeeze House of WildWoodWoman into the project space and make myself a(t) home. I thought January was a good opportunity for an outsider to move inside in the warmth for a short while.
However, as the tent was too tall for the project space, I had to tilt the birch pole in order to fit in. That's how nature works anyway - one must adapt to the environment. The question is: how much?
One can also adapt the environment to oneself: I took photos of trees from the local area around Koh-i-noor and stuck them on the walls around the tent - just to get a homey, woody feeling right there in the middle of town.